Traffic Arrow Boards

Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards

Trailer-Mounted-e1346881661822K&K Systems Trailer mounted Arrow Boards provide advanced warning and directional information around maintenance and through construction zones. The solar arrow board is also ideal for DOT's, construction zones, military, cities, and counties. The arrow board's solar power and LED technology lower the cost operation and is easily maintained. Our Arrow Boards are the most efficient on the market. "Runs months without sunlight." Our arrow boards are are equipped with the most advanced technology. All models are available in different sizes and configurations.

Vehicle Mounted

Vehicle-Mount-e1346881937393K&K Systems Vehicle Mount arrow boards are designed for maintenance, paint striping, sweeping operations, construction zones, and other situations where advance warning is needed for motorist on temporary basis. The arrow boards are available in 15 (7 modes) or 25 (12 modes).  LED arrow boards available sizes are 30" x 60", 36" x 72" and 48" x 96". Standard and custom truck mount frames available to fit your needs with or without an actuator control. . . . . . . . . .

Unit Restorations

In these budget cutting times we must all find ways to save money and cut costs while still keeping quality in our business. At K&K Systems we have a unique process to save our customers money. We recycle and refurbish your old vehicle mounted arrow boards and arrow board trailers. We simply take your old units, regardless of condition or brand of product, and rebuild them, add up to date K&K technology and improved capability. They look like new. This service typically saves you the customer nearly 50% over the cost of a new unit and comes complete with a new product warranty. Often these costs can also be expensed or applied to maintenance budgets rather than to new equipment costing. Call today for a quote.